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Collapsing Stars

by Star Lake

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Star Lake's first official release, the EP "Collapsing Stars"


released December 28, 2011

Produced and mixed by Mike Moore at Little Donuts

Engineered by Kevin Tuck at Jefferson Soundscape

Tracks 1, 2, and 5 mastered by Maor Applebaum at
Applebaum Mastering

Tracks 3 and 4 mastered by Andy Bartow at Black Dog Mastering

Music and Lyrics by Mike Moore

Album Art by Ernest Aquilo and Star Lake

Copyright 2011



all rights reserved


Star Lake Orlando, Florida

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Star Lake is a four-piece rock band with a variety of influences stemming from classical to jazz to metal. Listen to their unique blend of spacey progressive/alternative rock and enjoy the experience!

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Track Name: Collapsing Stars
I walk reluctantly
Across the burning sea
Of the brightest sun

I journey to the start
To find a beating heart
Of the stable one

But then it all
Begins to change

The space between
It burns so violently

Collapsing stars
Destroying everything

Eyes obstructed
Lensing hides
A pulsing truth

The cycle's reached its end
The gravity that bends
Felt from miles away

Nothing in this universe
Could take the burden
Of eclipsing

The flares that immolate
The worlds that we beheld
Track Name: Graviton
Still images
Cold and lifeless
Gravity rending

It breaks apart
Like fractured art
In need of mending

There is no end
And no Godsend
In the blind man's eyes

And mediate
The world around me

Make it real
Let me feel
What is real

All of these pieces
In empty space

You put them together
In their right place

Track Name: Tides
There she walks
Under light
Thinking over

Empty space
Within the walls
No one told her

This is everything

And it sings
A devil's song
But how could she know?

Watching children
Play in the sand
She never looks away

She thinks she has it all figured out
And this way they will stay forever

Sitting there
With soft tides
Washing over
Track Name: Little Moments
Your eyes
Your smile
Are what makes
All of this seem worthwhile

Your face
Your touch
Keeps me sane
When this world is too much

Like A desert rose
Growing with nothing around
A precious gift that I have found

Like a breath of fresh air
When I was too scared to breathe
You give me all the strength I need

I'm gonna get up
Get out
And face whatever may come my way, yeah

Because these little moments
Keep my heart from fading away, yeah

These years
They go by
So fast, they're gone in a blink of an eye

And I ask
What's left
What memories of my life have I kept

When I feel like giving up
When I feel like I've lost too much
Then your light
Turns my night
Into day

We can't forget
Or we will regret
Track Name: Gossamer
I held on to you for so long
I could never let you go
Nothing else seemed to
Matter at all

But somehow you broke free
And ran away from me

You'll be back again
and you'll never leave
you'll be back again

I know why you were conceived
To always be by my side
I am the king and you the queen